“Aleksandar Macasev’s work ranges from the deceptively simple to the highly political.”
Stephanie Skirvin, PRINT magazine
“Macasev feels comfortable working with galleries and artists, mainly because his own work crosses and recrosses the line between applied and fine art.”
Alice Twemlow, STEP magazine
“Philosophy has been debating the essence of truth for thousands of years, so while these are not new concerns, Macasev found a way to frame the question in a contemporary and relevant manner.”
Mark Notermann, Speak Up journal
“His graphic work is challenging, political and often uncomfortable.”
Fiona Sibley, Design Week UK
Selected work of Aleksandar Maćašev.
Introduction by Steven Heller

160 pages
Mikser Books
13 October 2010


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Diary of work in the field of visual arts (from graphic design, web design and illustration to video and contemporary art forms) from 2006 onward.
It contains all the work and also includes information about lectures, public presentations and discussions, press clippings and exhibitions.
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ChromaPost (formerly known as ChromaTweet) is an ongoing nano-blogging art project where each post consists of a single color tone that reflects daily moods, feelings, and experiences.


ChromaPost Social Network enriches the basic ChromaPost concept by adding a social aspect and more features.


Every now and then I make myself a T-shirt as some sort of a "walking billboard" statement or just for the sheer joy of making it.
I make only one piece each and they are not for sale yet.
This is just a test drive and T-shirts will be available in due course.


Margins (domestic art space) is an ongoing art project in the form of a visual diary. It is a collection of ephemeral graffiti, improvised installations and readymades in my own home. Actually, in various homes I have lived in. Due to occasional agoraphobic fears of the outside world, I find myself safe, albeit trapped, within the margins of my own home where I make some improvised artwork just for myself. These are the home-made photo documents.


Portfolio website from 1995 to 2006.
Graphic design, web design, web art, painting...
In 2006 it was abandoned in favor of more practical blog form of showing the work, but it's still there.
www.goebbels.info Joseph Goebbels ™
www.kontrola.co KONTROLA, virus project
www.macasev.tumblr.com Tablet sketches on Tumblr
www.sidewalktweets.blogspot.com Sidewalk chalk tweets in the streets of New York
www.joseph-goebbels-tm.blogspot.com Diary of the Joseph Goebbels ™ project
  Textual blogs  
www.americana-tidbits.blogspot.com A diary about American culture - in Serbian
www.macasev-txt.blogspot.com Various articles about visual culture - in Serbian and English

www.aiga.org AIGA, American Institute of Graphic Arts
www.behance.net/macasev Behance Network, The Creative Professional Platform
www.linkedin.com/in/macasev LinkedIn network profile
www.rhizome.org New Media art community profile, New Museum [New York]
www.facebook.com/macasev personal FaceBook profile
www.facebook.com/aleksandarmacasev FaceBook page
www.twitter.com/macasev Twitter profile
www.pinterest.com/macasev Pinterest Boards
www.last.fm/user/macasev Last.FM profile
www.youtube.com/user/macasev YouTube channel
www.picasaweb.google.com/macasev Photo albums, travel photos
www.flickr.com/photos/macasev Flickr profile

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